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Educating 10 lakh Indians about Diabetes
Awareness about diabetes and its life threatening complications is the biggest worry India faces today. Lifespan aims to educate 10 lakh Indians about this issue. For this, Lifespan encourages people to take the #WinOver10Diabetics challenge. Our diabetes experts will train 1 lakh volunteers with free diabetes education material (brochures, Power Point presentations, videos).
All your diabetic worries answered
Many queries trouble diabetics all the time. Lifespan provides free diabetes counseling at its clinics and the free ‘Win Over Diabetes’ e-book available on answers all your queries about diabetes.
Creating diabetes awareness globally
Diabetes is a global epidemic and needs to be addressed. Lifespan has created Times of India microsite dedicated to diabetes, which sees 5 lakh visitors every month. While hundreds of people take the special quiz to test their diabetes knowledge, more than 1000 experts are answering your questions through chat & email. The website also features expert articles on diabetes management. Lifespan also publishes a weekly page in the TOI newspaper on diabetes management.
Managing diabetes smartly
Managing diabetes can be difficult and time consuming. Lifespan’s free android app ‘Lifespan Diabetes Management’ (download from Google Play Store) help you monitor your blood sugar levels, keep track of your records and share them with others and seek social groups’ support. Lifespan also sends daily health tips SMS to registered customers.
Protecting the future of India
With the increasing childhood obesity in the country children is at higher risk of developing diabetes in the future. Lifespan plans to educate school children across India through camps so that future India will be Healthy India.
Revolutionizing diabetes management
A diabetic body is often invaded by pricking for a blood sugar check. Lifespan’s revolutionary R.I.S.C. Vital test (only available at Lifespan clinics) is a non-invasive (no need of blood) test which shows your current diabetes status and risk of possible future health complications. It is an integral part of effective diabetes management.
Blood sugar monitoring not a worry now
Diabetics need to test their blood sugar regularly, but the expensive glucometer strips in the market increase your diabetes management cost. Lifespan’s ‘Lifespan Measure Gold Glucose Meter’ are one of the world’s most accurate & reliable glucose monitors with strips costing less than Rs. 10 per strip.
Making diabetics' self-sure
Diabetics must know how well they’re managing their diabetes so that they can make the necessary modifications in their lifestyle. Lifespan’s DMI (Diabetes Management Index) Android app (free download from Google Play Store) tells you how well you’re managing diabetes. You can also take the free DMI test on
Warning pre-diabetics at the right time
With 20 crore pre-diabetics in India, the population really needs to know their Health Risk Assessment Index. Lifespan’s Blue Score test assesses your health risk in just Rs. 25. Also, you can get the Random Blood Sugar (RBS) test done at Rs. 15 only. With #WinOverDiabetes initiative, Lifespan plans to reach out to even the smallest parts of India by doing 50,000 diabetes and pre-diabetes screenings across India.
Proven results
Since its inception, Lifespan has touched more than 61,890 lives with more than 25,114 patients visiting Lifespan. More than 17,132 patients took Lifespan’s R.I.S.C. test and over 5,092 patients enrolled for Lifespan’s personalized long term plans. 67% patients on Lifespan’s long term plans saw a significant reduction in their high blood sugar levels.
There are many Indians living with diabetes for a long time and it’s no less than fighting a battle. Lifespan’s Invictus program will honor such diabetics and telling their story to the world through films, cover stories, books, interviews, and everything possible.
Now don’t compromise on your needs
Diabetes management can be expensive and many diabetics compromise on the specialized care they need. Lifespan is giving up to 50% discount on its services and new innovative health products so that anyone can get the diabetes care they need.
Lifelong care for lifelong diabetes
Diabetes is a lifelong disease and requires lifelong care. Lifespan’s long term plans are customized based on a diabetic’s lifestyle, nature of work, personal & family medical history, dietary habits and current fitness levels; and are cost effective so that the cost of diabetes management is reduced significantly.
Saving your time, money & energy
Diabetics have to visit different centres for different diabetic needs. To save their time, money and energy, Lifespan has launched Lifespan Online – specialist diabetes care at the convenience of your home or office.
With Lifespan online, you can get online appointments with doctors, e-consultations, e-prescriptions, EMR as well as home delivery of medicines. Lifespan provides blood sugar testing at home with a Phlebotomist visiting your home and reports will be emailed to you.
Specialist diabetes care within your reach
Diabetes is a critical disease and specialist care should be within the reach. With Lifespan Express Kiosk, available at local Chemists & Clinics, a patient can test his HbA1C by himself. It gives the average blood sugar reading of last 3 months. Lifespan Vans will reach out to remotest areas to spread diabetes awareness, conduct screenings and checkups.
People in remote areas are always deprived of the healthcare they require. Lifespan Doctor Tabs provide specialist diabetes care at your home with just one click. With telemedicines, e-consultations and online appointments, Lifespan provides maximum technical support. You can stay connected with Lifespan’s Specialist from anywhere, at any time.